Knowledge is the Asset of the Future

Throughout the industrialized world, the knowledge and experience possessed by individuals who for one reason or another leave their jobs behind (retirement, illness, change in ownership, etc.) represent an invaluable resource that businesses cannot afford to lose if they hope to remain competitive in world markets.

Thanks to the expert systems techniques and software engineering, it is now possible to create affordable information systems that can preserve the practical knowledge accumulated by specialists over the years.

These applications can never replace humain experience, but they do allow us to preserve at least the essential knowledge while training competent replacement personnel.

Company Profile

Founded in 1988, COGNISYS is a firm specialized in software and expert systems development, and specifically in productivity software tools in knowledge acquisition and knowledge base transfer. Our company offers a wide range of products and services.

With proven methods, its complete mastery of knowledge acquisition techniques and its advanced development tools, COGNISYS is able to develop super-productive, high-precision expert systems that can be used by most businesses in almost any field of specialization.

Among the products developped by COGNISYS, Sophos is a software package which enables to acquire knowledge from expert personnel in order to create applications accessible by a less experienced workforce within the organization. From information gathering to the ready-to-use version, no programming is necessary. With Sophos, applications based on know-how are easy to create as using word processing, spreadsheets or databases. To adapt final applications along with the constant knowledge evolution, it is possible at any time with a simple update session.

With Sophos, your in-house personnel can program applications in just a few hours to meet the company's specific needs.

COGNISYS builds relationships with strategic partners for expertise synergy at customers benefits in projects: Arena Editions,...

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