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Sophos a process builder

by Steve McHale

Cognisys Consultants Inc. of St-Laurent, Que., is routiing a new Windows software package in the area of expert systems, the technology that allows companies to captures their employee's knowledge and translate it inot standard process.

Sophos 3.0 allows users to create applications for performing standard tasks, using the knowledge base of the person who creates the application. Companies wanting to create a standard method for qualifying sales leads, for expample, could have their most experienced sales person create a special application that would be a default program for less- experienced employees performing the same task.

Pierre Mychaltchouk, president of Cognisys, calls Sophos the best performing and most user-friendly product in its price range. The products starts at $550 for the application developer's program and costs up to $1,250 for an unlimited development and deployment run-time licence.

The Sophos package, which Mychaltchouk developed in MS-DOS in 1989, has been upgraded to run n Windows 3.x, 95 and NT. The software allows company experts to create applications that standardize procedures by prompting them with questions that help define processes...

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